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Candidacy and coaching/mentoring for persons in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) who have specific mobility, sensory, and learning disabilities.

We provide coaching/mentoring for people at all stages of the process:

Vocation Exploration -- Candidacy -- First Call

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The Department for Candidacy of the ELCA is the church-wide process of preparation and formation of leaders for the ordained ministry of Word and Sacrament, the consecrated ministry of diaconal minister or deaconess, or the commissioned ministry of associate in ministry.  The scope of candidacy is as significant as the call and function of ministers of the ELCA.  As part of candidacy process the committee recommends that candidates in the process consider a coach/mentor to walk with them in the process.  Coaches/Mentors are available through a number of organizations and synods.  Both synod and candidacy committees are good resources for finding faith-filled and qualified persons.


A grassroots team of ministry professionals, the Department of Candidacy, and the Division for Ministry identified a significant gap in the availability of coaches/mentors with specific skills and experiences with specifically-abled candidates.  Sanctioned by the ELCA, but separate from the candidacy process, a team of coaches/mentors was trained and added to the resource list that will be offered confidentially to candidates.  These coaches/mentors are professionals, called ordained ministers, associates in ministry, and other professional lay people with specific experience and skills in the areas of disability and educational challenges.

Ability Coach Network

These coaches/mentors come from every region across the ELCA and offer these services to candidates who have specific issues of physical mobility, sensory, and learning challenges.  The assignment of coaches/mentors is completely separate from the candidacy process and is fully confidential.  Finding a coach/mentor does not change the candidacy process, nor offer any short cuts, but instead offers a no-cost partner to walk with specific candidates as they discern and go through the process.  Just email Ability@ELCACoach.org and a member of the team will be in touch with you to discuss how the process may be helpful to you.

Blessings and peace in your journey.

ELCA Ability Coach Network



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